Grants Faculty Canvas Sharing - Steve Stockdale

Grants Faculty Canvas Sharing - Steve Stockdale
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NMSU Grants Faculty Sharing

This is an open non-academic 'course' setup for use by the NMSU Grants faculty and staff for general purposes related to instructional technology.


If you aren't already enrolled as a Student, or if you would like to be enrolled as a TA so that you can initiate Discussion topics, email me at 

Quick Info

Steve Stockdale: x647 or

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  • To reiterate: This is NOT an actual academic course. This is NOT a course in 'How to Do Canvas." This is NOT a course with a start date, end date, assignments, and grades.
  • It is referred to as a 'course' (note the cautionary quote marks) only in the sense that it is set up within Canvas and Canvas, by definition, consists of 'courses.'
  • This is an open 'course' to be used for learning, sharing, and exchanging lessons learned, best practices, common problems, etc., as related to online learning.
  • Please comply with FERPA and good common sense regarding guarding personal information.
  • The general theme of this 'course' is mutual helping and sharing. Never assume that you're the first and last person who will encounter a particular question, uncertainty, or problem. When you resolve an issue, please consider documenting it as appropriate for others.
  • Try to put your ego aside. Your "stupid mistake" might save someone else two hours of hair-pulling. That's good karma all around, if you're willing to share.
  • Like most courses, this 'course' will adapt to circumstances. Suggested fixes, changes, and recommendations are encouraged; whining and complaints, not so much.
  • The 'course' is organized, for the time being, into Modules. The objective is to provide a convenient self-help facility. If the objective isn't being met, we'll change to make improvements.


Module Title Description, Purpose

Help, Troubleshooting, How do I ...

This is probably the place to start and where most of the discussion, sharing, and helping will occur. 

Online Course Design Guide

This draft document attempts to provide instructors with a consolidated summary of considerations and requirements for designing their courses.

References & Resources

I'll begin with a starter set of links to external references and resources, but as you find good tutorials, videos, presentations, or explanations, feel free to add them.

Planning the Course

This module provides tips, recommendations and lessons learned that pertain to planning your Canvas course. Also see the Online Course Design Guide module.

Resources for Students

This is a non-academic Canvas course that consolidates information, videos, and links for students on how to navigate and use Canvas.